About Us

Novin Laser Saba Co. is a leading manufacturer of industrial laser machines in Iran. The company’s staff are highly educated scientists selected from the best universities and specializing in the production of laser systems. This knowledge-based company has been able to design and produce a variety of industrial, medical and academic laser products by using several years of experience in the field of optics and lasers and combining innovation and creativity with new technologies. 

Our unique products are designed, manufactured, optimized and then installed according to customer’s technical requirements. Users will also be able to receive complete and professional training.

NLS guarantees the high quality of the products and services offered by utilizing the best parts and the expert support team, capable of providing the best solutions for your demands. We aim to provide the most cost-effective solutions to make your business more productive and save your investment.

Our Team

Javad Raei

Chairman of the Board

Seyed Mahdi Mousavi



Solaleh Sadeghi

Procurement Manager

Part of our honor

The honors and achievements of Novin Laser Saba are due to years of continuous research, hard work and the benefit of elite youth.

The excellence of the country’s technological infrastructure, the production of unique laser products and research in the field of new technologies and the development of new products is the constant goal of Novin Laser Saba.

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