In past decades, many methods were proposed for generating and detecting the THz radiation and therefore many applications become realizable. For promoting THz applications, having a simple and reliable method for measuring the spectral characteristic of THz waves is very important.

THz- FPI Spectrometer is an efficient instrument to perform the spectral analysis. It is designed for measuring wavelength of narrowband THz radiation. Taking the advantages of its compact size and movability, the Fabry Perot based spectrometer may be very attractive for many applications. Using two semitransparent parallel silicon mirrors has the advantage of covering all THz spectral region (30-3000 micron) with only one pair of mirrors.

THz- FPI Spectrometer


  • Wide operating range of the THz spectrometer, 0.1 – 10 THz
  • Large aperture
  • High accuracy of mirror positioning, ±5 μm
  • Easy-to-use


System specifications

Operational frequency range

0.1-10 THz

Spacing between mirrors

0-100 mm

Spacing setting accuracy

± 5 µm

Optical axis height

100 mm

Free aperture

50 mm

Dimensions (L×H×W)

250 ×180 ×120 mm


7 kg

thz specification