Laser welding machine adopts a high energy density of laser beam to create fine, deep weld seams and high welding rates. Those laser welders for metals have the ability to weld dissimilar materials.

   Because of these unique features, it is widely used in processing of precious jewelry or welding of precision parts. 200W Jewelry Laser Soldering Machine is specially used for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retyping and resizing of gold/silver/titanium/platinum jewelry and small accessories.

Also widely used in aviation, aerospace, sports products, medical instrument, titanium alloy denture, instrument, electronics, machinery, automobile, etc. In regard to quality, speed, and economy, laser welding machines for metals are superior to conventional processes for industrial projects, making laser welding systems and services popular offerings for sale.

industrial welding


Butt welding

Overlap welding

The joint welding

Spot welding

Lap joint welding

Corner joint welding


Welding dissimilar metals together

Higher resistance

Minimal thermal effect

Direct welding of material without a feed wire

Low power consumption

Fast process

Low waste of material

industrial welding2
industrial welding features
high resistance


Type of Laser

Flash lamp Nd:YAG Laser

Laser power


Laser wavelength


Mode of Operation 


Pulse energy

≤40j @5Hz

Repetition Rate

1-20 Hz

Pulse Duration

0.5-20 ms

Power supply

AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60HZ

Cooling system

water cooling

Smart & Automatic Focusing


High Accuracy & Stability of Rotary Machine


industrial welding fast process
low waste of material
direct welding