Jewelry Laser Welding
Jewelry Laser Welding2

Desktop Laser spot welder is mainly used in the jewelry and dental industry or other hardware fields. The laser spot welding machine is a very high performance and high accuracy welding system; it’s mainly used in Jewelry welding, dental welding, Watch repair, Eye-glasses welding, sensor welding, medical tools welding, and other high precision welding purpose.

The desktop laser welder can weld various metallic materials such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium. By matching the parameters and shape of the laser pulses to each material, the laser generates a minimal heat-affected zone, thus meeting the precondition for welding temperature-sensitive components.

Another positive effect of the low thermal load of the two parts is, that unwanted modifications of the joint by the welding process can almost always be avoided. This process fuses the noble metal on a molecular level resulting in a finished product that is all one alloy. When adding metal or “laser filler wire” with the laser welder, we will almost always add the same noble alloy.

The heat used in the laser welding process is so localized that it results in a seamless, undetectable work zone that is not discolored in any way. Jewelry laser welding can be used to fill porosity, re-tip platinum or gold prong settings, repair bezel settings, repair/resize rings and bracelets without removing stones and correct manufacturing defects. Laser welding reconfigures the molecular structure of either similar or dissimilar metals at the point of welding, allowing the two common alloys to become one.

Manufacturing and retail jewelers currently using laser welders are often amazed at the wide range of applications and the ability to produce a higher quality product in less time with fewer materials while eliminating excessive heat effects. One of the key elements in making laser welding applicable to jewelry manufacturing and repair was the development of the “free-moving” concept.

In this approach, the laser generates a stationary infrared light pulse which is targeted through the microscope’s cross-hair. The laser pulse can be controlled in size and intensity. Because the heat generated remains localized, operators can handle or fixture items with their fingers, laser welding small areas with pin-point accuracy without causing any harm to the operator’s fingers or hands.

This free-moving concept enables users to eliminate costly fixturing devices and increase the range of jewelry assembly and repair applications.

During the last few years, the price of many jewelry laser welding machines has decreased, making them increasingly affordable to jewelry manufacturers, small design studios, repair shops, and retail jewelers while offering additional features and flexibility to the user. Frequently, those who have purchased the jewelry laser welding machine find that the time, labor, and material savings realized far outweigh the original purchase price.


High precision

Advanced cooling system

Easy to operate

Microscopic weld joints

Customizable welds

Weld-on any metal

High-efficiency components

High-efficiency optics to enable a higher average power output from fewer joules


simple and quick welding parameters Setting


Weld precious and non-precious jewelry metals

Add Metal to jewelry pieces

Small wires

Bond dissimilar metal

Weld porosity or cracks using filler material

Repair antique jewelry

Repair jewelry settings without removing stones

Also repair watches, eye-wear, dental & orthodontic appliances, and another minutia

Weld precious and non-precious jewelry metals
Repair antique jewelry
Add Metal to jewelry pieces
Bond dissimilar metal


Type of Laser Flash lamp Nd:YAG Laser
Laser power 150W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Mode of Operation  Pulsed
Welding frequency ≤20Hz
Pulse energy ≤40j @1Hz
Repetition Rate 1-20 Hz
Pulse Duration 0.5-8 ms
Spot Size 0.2 –3 mm
Power supply AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60HZ
Cooling system water cooling