If the customer is familiar with the principles of THz time-domain spectrometers and has a femto-second laser, the NLS’s Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer, T-SPEC, is the best choice. We provide spectrometers for pulse lasers with 780 nm wavelength with the following parameters:

Pulse duration: < 100 fs

Repetition rate: 50 – 100 MHz

Average optical power: 100mW (free space antennas).

The T-SPEC is capable to generate terahertz waves with a bandwidth more than 2.5THz. The THz waves, are generated and detected by photo-conductive antennas. The linear time delay stage and the data acquisition system are controlled using the T-SPEC software package that is included on a USB flash drive or can be installed on a separate laptop.



  • Identification of different materials through molecular spectroscopy
  • Terahertz Imaging
  • Study of mobility and carrier’s life time in semiconductor materials
  • Characterization of the complex refractive index of dielectrics
  • Quality control in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Metamaterials study
  • Diagnosis of cancerous cells
  • Small thicknesses measurement
  • Non-destructive testing in various industries
  • Chemical identification and analysis


System specifications

Frequency range

0.1 THz up to 2.5 THz

Dynamic range

> 30 dB at 0.5 THz

Frequency resolution

> 2GHz

Measurement time

10s (40ps scanning range)

THz beam diameter

collimated: 25 mm

focused: ~ 2 mm @ 1 THz

Physical dimensions (L × W × H)


60 cm × 70 cm × 25 cm



Environmental and utility specifications

Operating temperature

23 – 28°C


single-phase; 220VAC; 50Hz

Power consumption

< 300W

t-spec specification
t-spec info table