The novel Zeus-10 system is NLS’s tunable ultrashort-pulsed Ti:sapphire based oscillator. It produces output pulse duration shorter than 50fs with the tuning range of 790±10nm. The main advantage of the Zeus-10, is the extremely high stability, very short pulses and the possibility of changing the central wavelength in the range of 20nm. The optional “NLS control” package includes built-in spectrometer and power meter and a software for automatic mode-lock start and monitoring.



  • Ultrafast amplifier seeding
  • Pumping OPOs
  • Materials Research
  • Femtochemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • THz generation and detection
  • Ultrafast Imaging
  • 2-photon polymerization
  • Optical coherence tomography


  • Average powers up to > 250mW
  • Maximum pulse energy > 2nJ
  • Pulse duration < 50fs
  • Integrated diode pump source with control unit
  • Integrated spectrometer and power meter (optional)
  • Automatic mode-locking (optional)



Spectrally-limited pulse duration

< 50fs

Spectrum width

> 20nm

Tuning range

790 ± 10nm (fixed)

Average output power

> 250mW

General optical specifications

Pulse repetition rate (fixed)

90 ± 10MHz (fixed)

Pump source

integrated, direct diode pump

Spatial mode


Beam diameter (1/e2 )

< 2mm

Output polarization

Linear, Horizontal

Long-term stability

< 1%rms

Physical dimensions (L × W × H)

Laser head dimensions

90 × 60 × 20cm3

Pump laser control unit dimensions

33 × 32 × 37cm3

chiller dimensions

58 × 30 × 47cm3

Environmental and utility specifications

Operating temperature

23 – 28°C

Relative humidity

< 60%


single-phase; 220VAC; 50Hz

Power consumption

< 1KW

Optional package specifications

NLS control

·  built-in spectrometer and power meter 

·  software for automatic mode-lock start and monitoring

femtosecond wavelength
femtosecond 2