DESKTOP Laser machine for manual welding

Main product features

  • Perfect stability
  • High-speed welding
  • High-accuracy welding
  • Complete reliability
  • Long life of components
  • High beam quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact design
  • Low-cost operation

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Unconditional warranty


design and manufacturing

after sales service

Unconditional warranty


design and manufacturing

DATIS is a new manual welding system introduced by Novin Laser Saba Company. It integrates a double built-in vision system microscope and a high-resolution CCD camera. The new design provides fundamental characteristics such as compactness, reliability, and high performance. Since DATIS has adjustable energy and frequency ranges from 1 to 200 J and from 1 to 15 Hz, respectively, it can be used in various industries.

DATIS is the unique machine for welding precious and non-precious jewelry metals. Adding metal to jewelry pieces and bonding dissimilar metals are another application of DATIS. Repairing micro industrial and medical devices, watches, eye glasses and dental and orthodontic appliances are easily possible by using DATIS. Also, this machine can be used for welding pores or cracks using filler materials.


Lasers produce a highly concentrated heat source and can be used in a wide range of applications. The main advantage of laser welding as a non-contact process is generating localized heat on a sample and consequently, samples distort less than those welded with many other processes, also, lets operators handle the parts/pieces easily without any harm to their fingers or hands. DATIS is equipped with an effective software to control pulse intensity, duration, and pulse frequency. The advanced cooling system of this device supports mass production 24/7 cycles.


A jewelry laser welding machine, DATIS is an advanced flash pumped, solid-state “Nd: YAG” laser machine which has been developed to weld steel, platinum, palladium, gold, brass, silver, and titanium products with a thickness of 0.05 to 2 mm with or without adding a filler.

Argon gas supply directed on the welding surface and coaxial to the laser spot with pre-gas and post-gas

Built-in double vision system microscope and embedded full-HD CCD camera.

Dust-proof according to IP60 standard

A powerful and silent external cooling system for 24/7 cycles.

Dimmable LED lighting system in the welding case.

The ability to adjust energy from 1 to 250 J and the frequency from 1 to 50 Hz.

High laser welding rate (50 pulse per sec)

User-friendly interface with a color full HD touch–screen for quick access to the working parameters and easy management of options.

The ability to hot welding,without changing the color of silver and other color metals with the thickness up to 2 mm.

Fine welding plates with a thickness of 20 micrometers.


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