The ultra-violet (UV) marking lasers with a wavelength of 355 nm are suitable, in particular, for marking plastics but also for typical laser marking applications and micromaterial processing. The wavelength permits very small spot diameters and thus character heights < 100 μm.

Due to the high repetition rates, UV lasers are highly suitable for marking plastics at extremely high processing speeds, as required for rapid industrial production processes, as well as high-precision marking/structuring on glass and/or ceramics with high peak performance without thermal impact.


The lasers of the UV series also deliver excellent quality for micromaterial processing such as the cutting of  flexible circuits, PCBs and copper. Our lasers allow for cost-effective marking solutions with excellent results and ensure maximum operating efficiency in the long run.

uv laser marking


High marking speed

High repetition rates from 30kHz to 100kHz

Extremely flexible

Dual-head configuration possible

Outstanding beam quality

Low operating costs


Ability to mark on the following materials:

 Epoxy-based molding compounds





Epoxy-based molding compounds
Ceramics uv laser


Laser Type Fiber-coupled diode end-pumped, Q-switched UV laser
Wavelength (nm) 355
uv lasers specifications

Custom Design  

If your application requires an individual setup, we provide a wide range of laser technologies and optional components to configure an individualized solution. For standard marking tasks, our experts designed a special product line with attractive operating costs and short term availability.